At Ideal Producers Group, we understand that some of the best producer resources come from education, roundtable discussion and networking with your peers. That’s why we created the IPG Forum. This unique event provides an inside look inside our organization and sets agents and advisors up for newfound success.

You’re Invited to Join Us

Are you looking for a true partner in the industry? Consider capitalizing on all we offer by attending a Forum. Simply the time spent with industry icon Ron Essary and the other marketing executives at IPG is worth the trip; but attendees will also hear from actuaries who have designed dozens of popular products you want to sell and clients want to use to achieve their financial goals.

These exclusive gatherings feature small groups where everyone is able to participate to ensure you walk away with information that is pertinent to your specific business and marketing strategy. Plus, you’ll have a chance to network with your colleagues to build on one another’s successes.

“I felt like I attended a private school instead of getting lost in a large university.”
“I started a relationship with people who have the answers that I don’t ... a true benefit for my clients.”
“I was able to learn how to bridge from Life Insurance over to Annuities.” “[Forum] enhanced my portfolio and showed me how to present specific products.”

May Marketing Meeting
at Ideal Headquarters

Monday, May 2 – Wednesday, May 4

Dinner and Cocktails
Spring Training with IPG
Royals Game

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