Retirement Reform and the Future of Annuity Best Interest Rules

Forbes and several other media outlets have dubbed 2020 “The Year of Retirement Reform.” Instead of struggling to react, what if you could get the information you need NOW to proactively position yourself and your practice to survive and thrive in the days ahead?

Complete the form to watch our exclusive webinar featuring special guest and annuity advocate Kim O’Brien as she discusses:

  • A follow-up to our internal webinar about SECURE Act, and how your clients stand to be impacted
  • What changes to the NAIC’s preliminarily approved new Suitability Model regulations look like, and how you can comply
  • How the revival of DOL’s fiduciary rule might come into play with other federal and state regulations on the table

Missed our internal webinar about SECURE Act? View your Consultant’s recording here.

Special Guest Speaker

Kim O’Brien, Annuity Expert & Advocate

Kim is the Vice Chairman and CEO of Americans for Asset Protection. For more than two decades, Kim has stood on the front lines to protect the independent agent and distribution model and annuity choice for consumers. Recently, she has been working with insurance regulators and elected officials on the new NAIC rules and regulations and will share how you can expect these new developments to impact you and your business in 2020.


Tax rules subject to change. SECURE Act and other regulations are new or pending, and subsequent interpretive guidance may alter or adjust the manner in which the specific provisions of the legislation are applied. Insurance professionals may not provide legal, tax or investment advice.