Refining Your Approach to Advising Women

Thank you for your interest in our Marketing to Women library of resource materials! In a recent study, women said exposure to financial information such as through self-study and webinars, risk protection, and access to long-term financial planning and budgeting tools would empower them as investors. We couldn’t agree more, and aim to be a catalyst for helping our advisors better position themselves to support female clients.

Download some of our most popular resources now!

Vulnerable or Viable?

Consumer-Friendly Flier

Preparing early — and proactively — for life’s “what ifs” is critical. Offer this handy checklist to help her get started.

Budgeting for Betterment

Consumer-Friendly Flier

Encourage clients to track their spending for a baseline on how to optimize their savings and increase financial stability.

Celebrating Her Passions

Event Planning Guide

Leverage this agent-only guide for hosting unique, tailored and memorable events to build meaningful connections with female clients. 

Determining What’s Enough

Consumer-Friendly Flier

What does it mean to her to hit the bullseye in retirement? Find out by completing this fillable planning organizer.

Putting Her First

Agent-Only Flier

Communicating with female clients in tough times isn’t easy. Use these tips, techniques and conversation starters to increase trust and like.

Moving Forward Financially

Consumer-Friendly Flier

The transition into widowhood can evoke many worries. Help ensure finances aren’t one of them by walking clients through this checklist.

Consumer-Friendly Social Graphics

Use these graphics to share eye-opening statistics about the impact life-changing events can have on women’s finances, and to generate conversation with your fans and followers.

Customizable Client-Friendly Fliers

Download the following brandable resources to help simplify conversations with prospects and clients about the mechanics, features and benefits of annuities.