Life Insurance Awareness Month

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it.

According to a survey by Life Happens, while overall financial concern rose 20 percent in the past two years, concern for life insurance rose faster than other categories, suggesting a significant shift in consumer financial prioritization. At the same time, life insurance ownership decreased to 52 percent of American adults representing the lowest penetration in a decade. Clearly the time is now to help people take action, protecting their families and their future.

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month! We’ve created and compiled the following resources you can use to help others learn about the mechanics and features of life insurance, and how these products can play an essential role in meeting clients’ financial objectives, from legacy planning and wealth transfer to liquidity and supplemental income.

Life Insurance Awareness Month Resources

Social Media Graphics

Use these graphics to share vital statistics about life insurance and the role it can play in retirement planning, and to generate conversation with your fans and followers.

Download our social media tips to incorporate social media best practices.

Customizable Client-Friendly Fliers

Download the following flier resources to help simplify conversations with prospects and clients about the mechanics, features and benefits of life insurance.

Agent Education Fliers

Download the following flier resources to enhance your understanding of how life insurance features and benefits can help you position the product to address various client needs.