Who Wants to Retire a Millionaire?

How annuities can help get clients to their goal

You don’t have to seek out high-net-worth individuals to work with millionaire clients. According to the National Survey of Millionaires by Ramsey Solutions, everyday Americans can retire as millionaires — and you can help them cross that threshold. Ideal Producers Group has compiled valuable resources to help you find, attract and win over these millionaires.

Prospect Seminar

Host a webinar or seminar showing prospects just how attainable it is to retire with $1 million, and the value working with a financial professional can play in streamlining efforts to do so. We’ve created a presentation with built-in scripting for you to follow.
Who Wants to Retire a Millionaire? Consumer Presentation
Who Wants to Retire a Millionaire? Consumer Presentation

Social Media

Use these social media graphics to promote your webinar or seminar. You can also use them to create a campaign showing consumers how attainable it is to retire a millionaire.

We're here to help

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ideal Annuity Sales Consultant. We can help you with case design, prospecting tools, presentation tips and more. Visit your consultant’s webinar archive to watch the Who Wants to Retire A Millionaire? advisor webinar to learn more about how to profile millionaire prospects and educate them about the solutions that will protect their hard-earned nest eggs while meeting their unique financial objectives.